Daytime or Nighttime Porter Services

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Daytime or Nighttime Porter Services

Looking for a way to get porter services during the day?

The constant attention to proper sanitation standards are important factors to facilities with a high volume of customers. Swept Away provides a common sense solution for outdoor “ day porter ” services.

Our flexibility in our scheduling allows our clients to have one or more of our “ day porter ” staff ( in uniform), handle the many daily cleaning tasks that are so important for maintaining the perfect curb appeal that your establishment deserves.

Our clients have the option to choose their services according to your property’s special needs. The personal attention and professional uniformed appearance of a “day porter” on premises actually adds value to a company’s public image. Implementing this service also highlights your commitment to providing a welcoming environment that encourages and attracts the type of clients that you expect and deserve. This service also eliminates the need for you to manage unnecessary staff and could also reduce your expenses.

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Types of Property-services:

• Covered parking garages
• Retail and commercial parking lots
• Public spaces
• Industrial Parks & Complexes
• Residential properties
• Hospitals
• Schools

Our porter services include the following:

• Removing debris from sidewalks

•  Keeping exterior entrance clean

•  Keeping grassy areas trash-free

•  Cleaning trash cans

•  Changing trash can liners

• Window cleaning

• Cleaning window sills

•  Hand-picking litter in parking lot

• Cleaning exterior glass entry doors

•  Cleaning Parking decks (including stairs & elevators)

• Cobweb removal

Commercial Cleaning Maintenance

Power Sweeping

Magnetic Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Power Vacuuming

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